Angels all around you... including behind the scenes

Posted by Rebecca

THANK YOU!!!! It is so challenging and complex to uproot your family and change the focus of each and every moment of the day for days on end and still remain somewhat normal (or sane!) There really is little sense of control if any at all as medical needs and physical changes call every shot - no such thing as planning ahead. Because of some very creative and thoughtful people we have been able to still feel like we are keeping our wits about us. Snacks, puzzles, books and games; transportation, messaging, computing and lodging help; and especially time! time to 'be there', 'sit close' 'watch on' 'drive to' 'give a hug' or just talk.

When Sylva first became ill she was given a special blessing promising that there would be angels from both sides attending her. At this time no one could have possibly guessed what was yet to come. Later, with things continuing to develop and change, and in the midst of many surprises, she received additional blessings and with one exception they were all by people with various different takes on the situation. Nevertheless I began to feel that each blessing was a repeat, nearly verbatim, of the first as certain phrases were said each time. One which I've shared above told us again and again of the angels that would be there for her. This has been the case in more ways than I could have ever imagined! So for those of you who've carried your wings incognito - we know who you are ;-) You're the BEST!!!!!

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